All Pack-All products are made in the USA and come with our pattened Safe and Easy Seal Wire System (where applicable). For a complete list of products, for more information, or to request a high resolution brochure, please email us at:
or call: (888) 806-9800

Ultimate Shrink System

Model U22228D - Learn More
Providing the largest seal area and shrink tunnel available in a unitized system and featuring Single Level Product Transfer.

Shrink Wrapper

Model U1319E - Learn More

designed and built to provide quality, reliability and productivity to the lower-volume and/or intermittent use customer.

Cost-Effective System

Model U1824 - Learn More

Most cost-effective system for broad specturm of products & production requirements featuring large seal area & shrink tunnel with multiple heaters & blower motors.

Compact Shrink System

Model U1319 - Learn More
Compact, easy-to-use shrink packaging system for use in wide range of product application & production environments.

L Sealers

Model L2030D - Learn More
Heavy duty. Available in "C" model for lower volume needs & in "D" model with automatic product take-away conveyor for optimum throughput.

Shrink Tunnels

Model T122448 - Learn More
Broad range of sizes and capabilities so matching the right tunnel with the right sealer is easier and more cost-effective.

Table Top Equipment

Model T61216 & L1318 - Learn More
The ideal choice for those with smaller volumes and/or limited space.

Rotary Accumulation Table

Model AT36P - Learn More

For an organized work space and increased productivity. Four models available.

Bag Sealers

Model S120SH - Learn More

Heavy duty bench-top machines.